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Welcome to our corner of the World, which would be in Northern California.  Dennis and I have been showing and loving these wonderful dogs since 1998.  The biggest problem is that you can't have just one, so we have more than one.  They have the run of our house with restrictions, their own room off our bedroom, plus their own yards set up just for them.  They go to dog shows with us when we take our RV, whether or not they are being shown.  They love to travel and we have spent a lot of time setting up an area so that they can have the run of the RV and a large play area while on the road.  They don't care what you do as long as they can be with you.  

The term Velcro dogs comes up on a regular basis when people talk about Havanese and it is a great description.  We do not have many litters but are always willing to help with education and we will try to help you find good breeders.   Please contact me at and I will try to reply within two or three days, unless away at a dog show.  For those who would like to find dog shows in their area to meet show/hobby breeders please go to , click on "show information" on the upper left side, than "search by state" on the upper right side, from there you can pick the state closest to you.  There is a lot of information you can get from this sight just by looking for shows with AB in the second column and clicking on the club name.

 Don't forget to check out the best source for complete Havanese information, the Havanese Club of America website at, there you can learn about health information and what to look for in a breeder.   The Havanese Club website will give you lots of great information and questions to ask of a breeder.  There are so many good breeders out there but please be cautious and do your homework.  If you are having trouble locating someone close to you than go to the Havanese Club of America website and look at the Local Club section for a club near you.  There are more organized local clubs starting up all the time and they can help you with locating responsible breeders.  The HCA also has a breeders directory to help you hopefully locate someone close to you and if they don't have puppies maybe they know someone who does.  The first local Havanese club for Northern California is, please visit it to see what our club is doing.  Havanese are not for everyone but you can get a lot of valuable information by just checking out several websites.  Please look for signs that maybe you should not buy from someone, make sure that you or someone else can come to their home to check out the conditions the puppies are raised in and meet at least one of the parents.  Please be informed before you buy and if you have any doubts please check with the Havanese Club of America or your Local Club members.  Sometimes you will find that a bargain puppy may not always be a bargain.

For anyone who is getting a new puppy or already has a Havanese please check out,, this is the Havanese Rescue store and they have lots of great items and the proceeds go to help Havanese Rescue.  You can find wonderful things for yourself and your Havanese plus help make a difference.  Before buying at a store check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who might be considering a Rescue dog please go to and hopefully you can not only find a wonderful fit but also help out financially at least one of the dogs in our Rescue system.  Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

I have added and will continue to add information on Vets. that have come recommended to me under Helpful Information.  I am always adding things that I think might be of use to people so check back often and re-read some of my pages.

I know a lot of people live in Apartments or Condo's and can't always make trips outside in the middle of the night and during the day with your new puppy or even your adult dog.  I use astro turf in my back yard for the dogs and they love it, this is a light weight product that you can keep inside or on a balcony.  It is easy to clean and the great thing is the "grass" will hold up to even using disinfectants on it to keep any odor and germs down.  Just think of how most Havanese hate the rain during the winter.  You should use a tape measure to figure out what size would work best for you and the area you have available..

You will find a link here to a wonderful website, that is legit, that helps feed local dogs & cats in shelters.  Go to please click on it and answer the question of the day.  Thank you for helping shelter animals.

Our website is an ongoing work in progress, when new information comes along I try to include it here to help you on your journey: 

My last update is:  November 12, 2015

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